W was established as a platform for critical reflection on artistic processes, production conditions, cultural practices, and political-affective connections between artworks, artists, audiences, and institutions.
The gallery has three venues. W—archivo is housed in a restored historic building once occupied by the iconic CAyC (Centre for Arts and Communication), a pivotal institution in the internationalization of Latin American art from 1969 until the mid-90s. The gallery develops a program of exhibitions that focus on archive material, editorial work, and research as a process. Also in Buenos Aires, and with an ambitious institutional semi-annual programming, W—galería is located in the space where the Helft collection was once housed during the 1980s and it boasts four large-scale rooms and an impressive garden in a 1600 m2 space designed to exhibit contemporary proposals. In Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay, surrounded by hills, olive trees, and vineyards, W—naturae offers an exhibition program promoting ecological and artistic initiatives in connection with the environment, aims to create a unique and conducive context for art while seeking to renew the traditional concept of exhibition space, and is committed to playing an active role in the local and international art scene.


Defensa 1369

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Viamonte 452

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Los Cerrillos c/El Faro

Pueblo Garzón, Maldonado, Uruguay